Scuba Diving - Glossary

Air21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and 1% other gases
ABLJAdjustable Buoyancy Lifejacket
Ambient PressureSurrounding pressure
AnoxiaNo Oxygen
AqualungAir Cylinder, Regulator & Harness
ATAAtmosphere absolute. 1 ATA is the atmospheric pressure at sea level
AVArtificial Ventilation
BARBarometric pressure
BCBuoyancy Compensator
BendsDecompression Illness
BSACBritish Sub Aqua Club
BuddyDiving Partner
CMASWorld Underwater Federation
COCarbon Monoxide
CO2Carbon Dioxide
DANDivers Alert Network
DCIDecompression Illness
DCSDecompression Sickness
DSMBDelayed Surface Marker Buoy
EAN(x)Enriched Air Nitrox
ENDEquivalent Narcotic Depth
HelioxOxygen & Helium
HWHigh Water
Hyperbaric ChamberUsed to treating Decompression Sickness
Hypercapniaphysiological condition that results from too much Carbon Dioxide
HypoxiaReduction in Oxygen
IANDInternational Association of Nitrox Divers
IANTDInternational Association of Nitrox & Technical Divers
LWLow Water
MODMaximum Operating Depth
NarcedNitrogen Narcosis
Nitrogen NarcosisIntoxicated due to raised partial pressure of Nitrogen
NitroxAir containing more than 21% Oxygen
OctopusSpare Regulator for emergency use
OctopushUnder water hockey
PADIProfessional Association of Diving Instructors
PFOPatent Foram Ovale
ppPartial Pressure
PSIPounds per Square Inch
Purge ValveValve for clearing a regulator
SCUBASelf-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
TDITechnical Diving International
TrimixOxygen, Nitrogen & Helium
UPTDUnit Pulmonary Toxic Dose
Valsalva ManoevreEar Clearing

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