Skydiving Information - Glossary

AADAutomatic Activation Device. A device for opening the reserve parachute if the jumper fails to.
AFFAccelerated Free Fall. A course designed to teach students to skydive in short period of time.
AGLAbove Ground level.
BASEBuilding, Antenna, Span & Earth. Jumping off fixed objects.
BoogieSkydiving event.
BounceCrash landing without the aid of a parachute (Not recommended).
BPABritish Parachute Association.
ContainerA container is the backpack a skydiver wears and holds the main parachute, reserve parachute & AAD.
CRWCanopy Relative Work. Parachute formation flying.
CYPRESAutomatic Activation Device for opening the reserve parachute if the jumper fails to.
DZDrop Zone. A place were skydiving takes place.
FlarePulling down on both steering toggles prior to landing to reduce the rate of decent.
FreefallThe time between leaving the aircraft and deploying a parachute.
FreeflyA relatively new sport including sit & head down flying.
Hook TurnA sharp turn of 90 degrees or more.
JMJumpmaster. Instructor in charge of a student.
MainMain Parachute.
ReserveReserve Parachute.
RIGContainer, main parachute, reserve parachute & usually an AAD.
RSLReserve Static Line. A line from the main cutaway handle to automatically deploy the reserve.
RWRelative Work. Skydivers in freefall flying relative to each other.
USPAUnited States Parachute Association.

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